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Get Fucked

Went to the club, lookin' for some love, Stone washed jeans fittin' tight like a glove. The girl by the bar was the hottest I'd seen but i kinda felt bad cos she was only fourteen. I think i wanna get fucked tonight. I think I might be in luck tonight. If i'm gonna have sex with you I think tonight's the night. Went to the club and I had to sneak in, cus i'm under 21 and i'd been drinking again. Girl by the bar, kinda short and thin, she was already drunk and it's half past ten.


Oh say, can you see that red, white, blue flag with the number three on it. Oh my god! What have you been doin' in off season, all these kids runnin' 'round. Alright, just in time to make preliminaries, wave to the girl in the pace car. One mo' flag, then the green and i can hardly wait now, and there off alright! I gotta get to the short track cus can't you see, Im on the fast track to infamy, mahem bubba will surely agree that short track livin' is the life for me!


This is not the answer. This is not the end. Why am i still listening, you are not my friends. Easy way to find my way out, ask the people who love my doubt. Just the begining, where did i go wrong, not a destination, I was here all along. We are making good time, we will not slow down, we will never get there, cos there cannot be found.


I wanna know your number and see if it's double two now, in numerologist's lottery, i hit the jack pot too! There's a little school girl who's life's made of grades, those numbers stickin' with her for the rest of her days, she's talkin' to her mom about true love and she says all you need to know is numerology! There's a little school boy who's life's made of grades, those numbers stickin' with him for the rest of his days, he's talkin' to his dad about true love and he says all you need to know is numerology! I take your date of birth and minus three, divided by your personality, this calculater holds our destiny, oh no! these numbers say you're not the one for me!